How much does it cost to move from New York to Boston

Time for moving comes, and you have a few options on how to do this! 

Rent a van

Renting a Van is probably the cheapest way to move from New York to Boston. You need rent wrapping equipment, see couple videos or read an article on how to pack a moving truck for a long-distance move, find couple buddies to help you load and unload the truck, or hire someone. Around 6 hours driving and you will be at your destination, plus some hours for packing and unpacking. This option is great in case of a small move and definitely for longer generations.

Van Lines

Another way is to move with long distance van lines moving companies. They will pick it up, sure and move to your destination for a really small price, but it can take weeks for you to get your staff, which is not an option for such move, usually.

Hire Local Moving Company for a Long Distance move

The best option to move from NYC to Boston is to hire a local moving company which is licensed for a Long Distance move. They will pick up and unload your staff in one or two days (Depending on your schedule). All your belongings will be carefully packed and moved by experienced movers. Also, you get full coverage for your items.

Moving Cost for Moving from Boston to New York

The total cost to move from New York to Boston for a One Bedroom or Studio Apartment is approximately $1200. Two movers and a truck, insurance and professional service must be guaranteed.

Choose a moving Company wisely and always check reviews. Have a successful move!

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